Brush Removal

In many cases, areas may need to be cleared of trees and brush. Ottani’s land clearing services offer quick and easy removal of trees, bushes and brush from plots of land. This service is recommended in several situations, including:

  • Clearing of large plots for construction
  • Cleaning up overgrown yards/ property
  • Permanent removal of stubborn brush/ vegetation

Ottani’s experts will assess your property and decide what techniques will best suit your needs. With state of the art equipment, Ottani offers brush hogging, which allows us to easily tear through persistent brush and weeds. In Brush hogging, we attach a specially made, heavy duty mower to our tractors, easily clearing land.

In addition to brush hogging and clearing, Ottani also offers tree clearing and stump grinding. With these services, and our expertly trained team, Ottani Tree Services can easily and efficiently clear any plot or yard, no matter how dense the underbrush.