Cabling and bracing systems add support to weak limbs or lead branches that are past their prime, by attaching steel rods or cables to your tree. These are often techniques used on trees, with old or heavy limbs, split trunks, or trees with previously damaged limbs or trunks. You may also want to consider cabling or bracing if there are large trees within close proximity to your home, to prevent damage and maximize safety. The main goals of these systems are to limit the amount of movement and breakage of the damaged limbs or lead branches, and to redistribute stress to prevent additional damages.

When these systems are installed, they can:

  •  Prevent further damage to the tree
  •  Reduce chance of rot/ disease
  •  Stop branches from drooping or hanging too low
  •  Increase stability during wind or snow storms
  •  Reduce limb clutter and clean-up on your property
  •  Reduce damage to your property

After an evaluation, the Ottani team may decide that cabling, bracing or a combination of the two, could be a safe and beneficial way to maintain the structural integrity of your tree while preventing future damage.