Crane Work

When removing large trees or branches in tight spaces, it is key to ensure that the correct equipment is used to guarantee safe and successful results. At Ottani, we use cranes to safely remove large limbs and logs from the property without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

The use of a crane may be necessary or beneficial when:

  • Cutting down tall trees
  • Removing large branches
  • Lifting fallen trees or tree limbs
  • Operating near homes or large structures

The use of a crane, along with our experienced crew, creates the most controlled and safest environment possible for your tree or branch removal. The crane allows our team to lift trunks or branches over smaller structures, to a designated drop spot. This not only maintains a safe environment but also allows for easy cleanup. Because of this, crane work is often the safest and most efficient option when removing trees or branches. With decades of experience and state of the art equipment, Ottani can provide the best quality crane work for your specific needs.