Plant Healthcare/Insect Disease Control

Ottani Tree Care offers plant health inspections to ensure your plants have the longest life possible. We also offer inspections to ensure insects do not affect the health of your trees and surrounding plants. With these inspections done, you can be sure that your plants and trees are as healthy as they can be.

Trees health can be affected by many factors, including:

  • Root diseases
  • Insects
  • Fungi
  • Soil conditions
  • Drought
  • Defoliation

Insect disease control is just as important as plant health care when it comes to tree health. Caterpillars and larvae such as the gypsy moth and other invasive species can be devastating to an entire region, as we have recently seen in Western MA. If you are concerned about the health of your trees, we encourage you to give Ottani a call.

While splits in trees or fallen branches may be very apparent, diseased or infected trees may be more difficult to identify. Our Ottani professionals are skilled at protecting your trees, and identifying possible dangers to tree health.