Many people often underestimate the importance of pruning when it comes to tree care. Pruning is the trimming of overgrown or dead branches from trees, and while it may sound frivolous, it is extremely important in maintaining the health of your trees. Additionally, the removal of dead limbs will reduce headaches down the road, as it will prevent falling limbs, sick trees, and subsequent damage to your property or injuries. In the long run, the routine maintenance and pruning of your tree will safeguard you and your property from future damage, and will increase the longevity of your tree.

Additionally, many people use pruning as a way to improve the appearance of their trees. Pruning is an easy and effective way to boost curb appeal and improve the aesthetic of your property. Trimming back branches is an easy way to add more light to an area, and, if done correctly, can shape the way a tree grows in the future.

Pruning is best done in the late fall and early winter, the dormant time for trees. This will ensure that the least possible damage is done to your trees, and that our team can easily determine what needs to be cut from your trees.